Thursday, December 1, 2011


i went on a little outing yesterday to the national zoology museum and it has been one of the coolest most interesting places that i've been to here in london. i found out about it on the web under "free things to see in london" and i'm well glad that i set out to see it. it was only a small square room but it had i'm presuming over a thousands of animal specimens and skeletons, with old labels on them, in jars preserved and some rare. i found it pretty cool that they had a tasmanian tiger skeleton, also a dodo and an elephant bird egg. i'd just seen a documentary on my plane journey either to here or thailand, from one of my favorite people david attenborough about such a bird. i snapped heaps more photos and if you want to check them out head to my flickr it's just more of the same. all in all i really enjoyed myself.

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