Wednesday, December 14, 2011

rocks can be fun

all the different marbles in the world

fluorescence jewels
cool silver shapes
crystals in a nature made box

 so these are the rocks i ended up looking at the natural history museum. the 'vault' was the best bit for the massive jewels and pretty crystals. there was a cool one that changed colour under different lights, i didn't get a very good photo of that though and a massive chunk of gold from victoria. i was hoping to see like a massive diamond or ruby, like the biggest one in the world. i didn't. the watermelon crystal was pretty cool but i'd already seen it on tumblr. i did get over it a little bit after seeing soooo many different types that kinda all ended up looking the same. seeing jade was prob a high light and finding out there is 2 different types of jade. i ended up learning a few new things that day, rocks can be fun!

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