Saturday, December 3, 2011

TGIF Friday

 rooftop bar
 hey there london city
 tim & i swapping jackets- both so warm
 yer that alright, good photography tc
haaaaaa karma baby, mess with amber = lipstick all over ya face

so thank you todd for getting me into one sick place. the shoreditch house. epic really. it's just a this little members only, top 3 level exclusive club with own rooftop pool, bars, restaurant, cinema even a god damn bowling alley. needless to say awesome!!! it was a christmas party for the new box park. we missed out on the free booze but didnt really matter. the music was good, new people i met where cool and for once a place that was open till 3!!! we headed out to leave but ended up on another level in some other bar playing pac man!!! such a good night, but the cherry on the top was the amazing kebab we had. i asked this guy for a bite of his at the bus stop and was totes sold on it. i feel like one now, sew good!

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