Friday, January 13, 2012

bubby banjo

balfa talk? 
what dat noise?
what doin?
go on the train with papa. 
wheres my bunny? 
not yours. 
not funny. 
not look at me. 
watch telly.
bit more.
no more.
mummy look.
little bubby one
what dat noise?
have fun skiing mum.
what rach doin?
chasse neige, where chasse neige?
....and of course, 
just a few phrases thats on repeat from baby banjo. too cute. they are always cute at this age. i love having either a niece or nephew at this age and i've had one at this age for a while now, its great! i just need to have more time with laluna and then doji n neneta need to have another and then another! forever cuteness!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

hardcore and adrenaline

so the cham valley, know for crazy people and their love for the mountains that surround them makes me feel like i wanna get out there and do all this crazy stuff. looks way easy on film and you say to your self..."i could totes do that." but realistically everyone here dies, well all the ones that play these sports. have been getting some sick turns though. very tame. these vids are amazing

Friday, January 6, 2012

london with me dad

 xmas market lollies
 dont think i like mulled wine
xmas market
 london tower n tower bridge
 the beef eater tour guide
 white tower
 crow to the right, its law that there should always be 6 crows at tower hill
 dad just before our river cruise
 canary wharf 
 famous travern at greenwich
 a nice pub lunch with beer n cider
 my first fish n chips
 dad n a clock, there were heaps here
 smiley face time
 half in the east half in the west
 big lazor that you can see at stratford, could almost say its major
 gmt line
first portable clock

had a really cool couple of days with dad in london. i got to show him how i know london and the tube and all londonly stuff that you do. 
day one: picked him up at heathrow airport. i was getting super excited seeing all the people come out then i finally saw dads grey hair and his walk. so nice to see him. that night we walked down southbank past all the xmas markets to st. pauls for dinner at jamies barbecoa. had an amazing meal spesh after all the pleb meals i'd been cooking with no money. caught the tube down to victoria and watch billy elliot. such a entertaining show, really enjoyed my first 'west end' show!

day two: london tower and greenwich. real real tourist day. the crown jewels are mind blowing! there is one diamond in there as big as an egg. its huge and flawless. we took a boat down to greenwich. i learnt 2 things that day. why all the people get off at carnary wharf for amber and what that big green lazor light in stratford was. 

last day: get some shoes for me and airport. easy enough till i forgot to pack my passport and loose my bankcard plus id at the tube. i completely panic and a very HUGE massive THANK YOU to amber and todd for bringing it out to me. love you guys! so made the plane. yay

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


 banjo, christophe and jai
 cielle is 6
 out my window
 jai and below banjo
 the valley
 glacier argentier, aka the mountains just outside my window
'the family' well the ones i'm with now
so i'm in chamonix spending time with the family and i'm totes enjoying it. between not seeing the family for so long, getting some quality time with them and the kids (which is never boring just straining,) and skiing in the lovely french alps i must say its actually more than enjoying. haven't skied for a while and felt like the biggest kook the first couple of runs but now i'm back it the game! (you knew it) had an epic day up the very top of the grand montet with many fresh turns! so yes. loving. it here atm. early days, early days though. got another 2 weeks! haaa. 

ps more photos to come, just havent been taking any, just living.


temma, me and samala
so my nyes was pretty farking awesome. had a really fun evening which was; dinner party at the house, out to my sisters friends for the count down and finally end up in town for some club/bar dancing, red bulls and tequila shots. ps i'm in chamonix, france. 

it was really fun to go out with samala plus she hadn't been out like that in years so it was fun to see her let loose but more that i'd never been kinda out like that with her. we had a nice group and even though i was the only single one, and also 15 years younger it totes didnt matter. 

we stayed out till the wee morning because samala and i made the deal i would look after the morning shift with the kids, and also samala and christophe were 25 again. (hardly remember making kids breakfast and looking after them, i clocked out early though, just by 2 hours) 

no photo's sorry just this one from pec. so summary, a fun filled night like no other new years/night out ever! wooooooo

oh ps 2nd photo was the cocktail i made for our dinner party, champagne, blue berry liqueur and frozen blue berries, aka YUM 

empire roast chicken

our carcass 

i've been dying to make this wonderful roast chicken. as you should know jamie (oliver) is my fav person in the world, so of course i try to cook most of his recipes, buy all of his books and watch his shows. so i brought jamies brittan at tescos for just £9 (which i loved!) and this lovely recipe was in it. 

the story behind this one is if you ask an english person what their 2 favorite meals are, they will answer "roast chicken and indian" boom empire roast chook is born. so tonight i ventured down mixed cultured food lane and cooked up this bad boy. 

OH EM GEE! i'm sew full and seriously satisfied, just saying, but not only me, my family are and that makes me a happy chappy. so thank you jamie, thank you for another epic meal in your and now my repertoire. ps i am sew effing full!