Friday, January 13, 2012

bubby banjo

balfa talk? 
what dat noise?
what doin?
go on the train with papa. 
wheres my bunny? 
not yours. 
not funny. 
not look at me. 
watch telly.
bit more.
no more.
mummy look.
little bubby one
what dat noise?
have fun skiing mum.
what rach doin?
chasse neige, where chasse neige?
....and of course, 
just a few phrases thats on repeat from baby banjo. too cute. they are always cute at this age. i love having either a niece or nephew at this age and i've had one at this age for a while now, its great! i just need to have more time with laluna and then doji n neneta need to have another and then another! forever cuteness!

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