Tuesday, January 3, 2012


temma, me and samala
so my nyes was pretty farking awesome. had a really fun evening which was; dinner party at the house, out to my sisters friends for the count down and finally end up in town for some club/bar dancing, red bulls and tequila shots. ps i'm in chamonix, france. 

it was really fun to go out with samala plus she hadn't been out like that in years so it was fun to see her let loose but more that i'd never been kinda out like that with her. we had a nice group and even though i was the only single one, and also 15 years younger it totes didnt matter. 

we stayed out till the wee morning because samala and i made the deal i would look after the morning shift with the kids, and also samala and christophe were 25 again. (hardly remember making kids breakfast and looking after them, i clocked out early though, just by 2 hours) 

no photo's sorry just this one from pec. so summary, a fun filled night like no other new years/night out ever! wooooooo

oh ps 2nd photo was the cocktail i made for our dinner party, champagne, blue berry liqueur and frozen blue berries, aka YUM 

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