Thursday, May 31, 2012

man'd up

all i'm going to say is i'm proud of myself today. i asked a guy for his number that i had been crushing on for a while now. even though it was a no coz he has a girlfriend, i don't mind. i was so nervous and took about half n hour to build up the courage but i did it and i can do it! woo go me


Monday, May 28, 2012

perfect prefect

i found this scrolling tumblr. this is the most perf outfit ever. this is what i want! flower headband ✔ hawaiian shirt ✔ black shorts n jacket ✔ add a bindi ✔ and some amazing accessories ✔  u are amazing , down to the shade of lipstick. just saying wow! and also damn u, oh well...

new lace

got this new necklace a couple of weekends ago. just 3 pounds as well. i loves it, and totes think it was a great find. it's got a red elephant of the other side. its on a black waxed cotton 'rope' and reminds me of this whale tail bone necklace i used to have. talking whale tails, i saw a really nice sterling silver one in camden and i wish i had the money to get it. booo $¢£¥€ sucks!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

hot india

headed up to camden yesterday with A, for the first time in a while to hit up the market. i  got a few things of course. some henna and bindis. i feel like india is going to be orange hot this season. gwen rocked it well back in the no doubt days. as far as this trend and me will go, it think it'll just be accessories. but if i ever wanna get more adventurous bethnal green road is where i'll be heading for all my sari needs.

so hot right now, summer

summer is in full swing here in LDN, and i am crushing on prints and flowers. the best combo being the hawaiian shirt. there's so many different colours n pattern to the hawaiian shirt that i get bamboozled when trying buy. summer equals festivals and a festival's best accessory is a flower headband/garland. i wanna do some D.I.Y coz the ones i see around just don't cut it for me or if they do they are about a billion dollarz to much. but i need one to reflect the inner flower child. the sun is shining, weather is warm so i need to go find the perfect shirt and get gluing for summer bliss. off to enjoy the sun, peace 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

mint green

obsessing right now. want want want a beautiful mint green almost blue, outfit. i'm almost there. i've got a collar sleeveless top from H&M and a grandpa big jumper. now all i need are either these topshop shorts, below, which are PU and so much better in person- photo does not do justice. or jeans. yep just a nice little outfit for myself. thanks universe!

Monday, May 21, 2012

the brickest laneas

latin for bricklane. this is the london markets all rolled into one for me. it's got the vintage clothes/brick-n-brac, it's got the cute made in thailand dresses and jewelry, it's got the toiletries for a pound and it's got the best food from around the world! the hardest decision i make on a sunday is what food am i going to eat. always end with a nude coffee and a sweet. i'm going to miss it when i head back home.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


i spend most of my time on this website (link below). check it out. could scroll forever on this shiiit

Sunday, May 13, 2012

sunday 13th

happy mothers day mum! i hope you get a surprise in the mail, i bet you thought i forgot. i've always given bad mothers day gifts, it's kinda my thing. so hoping she will be super shocked and even though i'm on the other side of the world i love and think about her always. i did just post a i love and miss my mum post but the most loving thing anyone will ever do for you is carry you in their belly for 9 months. ✘✘✘♡

Thursday, May 10, 2012

tunes for commuting

no one listens to whole albums any more. well it seems like that way now. when my iphone got stolen i lost not only a phone, camera and internet by my portable music too. it sucked coz i loved walking around london by my self with my headphones in. not until recently did i remember my ipad could be used for music too. duh. so now my morning commute to work is a playlist of these 4 albums and i'm yet to get bored from them.

 i love this album. it and she are getting a lot of mix reviews but there is no doubt that she has stirred things up in the music biz. some of these tracks remind me of chris issak, yeah i dunno. i do know that this is one of those albums that i'll be playing later on when i'm older with kids and it'll remind them of me, like sade does for me and my mum. i'm totes addicted to this one and can not wait to see her live at hackney weekend. just wonder if she will be good live and have better stage presence than that she had on snl.
 went and saw this movie at the cinemas and it kinda blew me. it just made me want to go to a house party and get loose. it also reminded me of all those house parties i went to back in high school. the ones i went to never got to this kinda level but the soundtracks were a little similar. i defs heard tipsy by j-kwon whilst drinking either red bears or smirnoff blacks. this soundtrack has some good mixes on it, like steve aoki's mix of kid cudi's pursuit of happiness, a total party starter for the dames. and some old classics like the next episode. good good party music to get the people going.
 i downloaded this coz of all the hype and it paid off. jack white has one of those voices and plays the guitar like a mother bitch. plus he is one of those music genius. they're kinda rare now days and he hits the nail on the head with each track. topshop plays the same music for about 3 months, well i dont think it changed much while i was working there. one of the songs that i ended up learning all the words to and now knowing who it was, was love interruption. now even after hearing it 6-10 times a day i dont get sick of it. i'm glad though i've got the full album to listen to.
this is just one of those best albums ever. ever! it's forever going to remind me of my london time and the dames. i must thank amber jean for introducing and playing this one heaps before i downloaded, without her constant drive to find good music i wouldnt know this whole album. and all the tracks are as good as the last with the top number 1 track, ni**as in paris. holy mother you need to check out the film clip and see the crispness of it all. jay z is a living legend and kanye did need to remind us all that he does know his music.