Wednesday, October 17, 2012

singapore do u want more

i'm mid transit and my brain has kinda turned to slush. a lil delirious but the people around me don't know me so are giving me awkward looks when i'm laughing to my self, i think even at one stage i talked to my self. 

SOOOOOO fricken excited to get home n see everybody and squeeze my family in tight bear hugs. just a little bit further now. 

 london pre flight
 singapore half way through. i feel like i look

Monday, October 1, 2012

last family sunday roast

 our little forrest gate family ended up having an epic sunday roast. it all worked out perfectly as lozzy n millie were not originally suppose to be home but the universe wanted us to have the dinner and both ended up rocking in at the perfect time.
 so thanks to behm and mayo for cooking an a-maze-ing chook n roast veg. i came in the end to help make the gravy (aka my specialty) and the god jamie oliver's cheesy leeks. we even had yorksire puddings!
 well done behm!
 already to tuck in!
big smiles all round