Monday, December 19, 2011

summer on southbank

went to this pop up summer tent on the river themes with amber n todd. twas really farken hot in there. it was like an art installation that's about summer that was supposed to awaken  the senses with summer. boy did it. there was fresh grass cut smell in there, boiling heaters that made me almost strip to my singlet and fresh coronas to sip on. it made me want to go back home to the real summer and sip coronas on the real south bank. oh well we'll have snow here soon. yippee

ps photos from amber....again

Sunday, December 18, 2011


got a little bit bored on a sunday arvo so i decided to bake some cupcakes. didn't have many decorations to use just left overs from halloween. so do as the english do "keep calm and have a cupcake"


i'm really arching and itching for a new tat. just wish they weren't that effing expensive. i guess lucky they are or i'd have a new one each week. sum ideas; i've always wanted a unicorn tat coz it's just very cheesy and pretty at the same time. also wanted for a while a cool lined geometric shape type thing and now seeing the movies are all finish, the deathly hallows symbol is pretty cool design wise and also wickedly cool coz its haz pot. i want a LOTR's one too, i really like the phrase "it came to pass" which features in the book a lot but it's got a very big religious meaning which i do not like. also wanted a candy skull but thinking maybe just an old fashion plain skull n cross bones... oh so many ideas!!!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

harvard sailing team

so i've just found the harvard sailing team, i don't know if i'm late on the band wagon but i'm in for the ride now. these guys are soooo funny! these clips are classic n so true, loves it coz its like totes a role reversal and i'm like lmfao. check em out for a giggle. there's a heap more on youtube and all honesty they are all funny. i'm going to find out more about these crazy kooky cats. i'm pretty sure chris is in paranormal activity  3.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


i think you should

night hoot

 new addition to the room, for a wake up message each day
slowly adding to my card wall
oh em gee it's my window and heater, can you believe it?
my treasures, casio's up top
 my little trinkets. beatles clock, saving up for botox money tin, sparkle flask, foxy and mexican sparkle skull.
 card from me mam that i got in a parcel today.
yes i am a night owl. they're skull gels on my mirror not blobs.

under the sea

 there's an octopus in there. somewhere

 dory n marlin
 lion fish= poison.
i always wonder if other fish know they are and just give them a wide berth and stay the eff away from them, would one ever accidentally bump into one and think 'shit, i'm dead.' which gets me wondering do fish bump into other fish?

 so many turtles

manky fish that got into a fight with another one, still swimming round!

i did this ages ago. aquariums are so much better than zoos. not as depressing coz fish are fish. was a little bit when i saw a sea turtle just cutting laps. i'm majorly scared of sharks and seeing these ones are kinda scary but not really. i wonder if there will ever be a great white in a aquarium, coz there's ones now with whale sharks and they are huge. i'd def pay money to see a great white in a tank, it would scare the shit out of me. this was another fun day, me on my own, walking my pace listening to music with the fish, thinking i was ariel. where's my eric though

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

dem bones

 sting ray
 human bones or sumthing
 these are all little birds
 owls are everywhere!
 probably the worst window display to ever exist
 elephant/giant bird from madagascar
 water dinosaurs fossils

 GIANT sloth, like 2-3 meters high
 ugliest bird ever, never want to meet it
 another huge animal, their in ice age
 first primate or mammal fossil

the natural history museum, i loved spending a afternoon there. i only got through half of it, and it was the boring half. this bit was cool though. seeing more taxidermist animals, even if they were birds. ugh i hate big birds, i always used to laugh at ellie back in school coz she hated birds but now i totes gets its. the fossils were pretty cool as well. ever since seeing that doco with david attenborough with the giant elephant bird i cant seem to get away from it. i was amazed by the giant sloth. it was huge! to think that there was animals that big getting round, it's mind boggling, and us humans put them to extinction coz they had no other predators. we suck. survival of the fittest, but we should look after these other animals coz theirs the circle of life.

rocks can be fun

all the different marbles in the world

fluorescence jewels
cool silver shapes
crystals in a nature made box

 so these are the rocks i ended up looking at the natural history museum. the 'vault' was the best bit for the massive jewels and pretty crystals. there was a cool one that changed colour under different lights, i didn't get a very good photo of that though and a massive chunk of gold from victoria. i was hoping to see like a massive diamond or ruby, like the biggest one in the world. i didn't. the watermelon crystal was pretty cool but i'd already seen it on tumblr. i did get over it a little bit after seeing soooo many different types that kinda all ended up looking the same. seeing jade was prob a high light and finding out there is 2 different types of jade. i ended up learning a few new things that day, rocks can be fun!