Saturday, December 3, 2011

broadway market = FOOD

 no where near hackney
um yer it is
 that bag has legs

 best burgers going round.
banoffee is huge over here

broadway is one of my favs and i'm almost always hung when we head there. just a small food/crafts/clothes market on saturdays. it's mainly food and boy is the food good. i always get a lamb n mint burger w/cheese and onions. totes epic. my menu consisted of mini sweet potato n leek pie, onion baha indian thing, smoked salmon on sourdough w/ cream cheese, burger, banana n walnut bread and a take home caramelized apple cheesecake. wooo! lucky/unlucky we got a little bit lost and was walking loads. we totes deserved lovely little market food treats. mmm mmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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