Thursday, December 15, 2011

under the sea

 there's an octopus in there. somewhere

 dory n marlin
 lion fish= poison.
i always wonder if other fish know they are and just give them a wide berth and stay the eff away from them, would one ever accidentally bump into one and think 'shit, i'm dead.' which gets me wondering do fish bump into other fish?

 so many turtles

manky fish that got into a fight with another one, still swimming round!

i did this ages ago. aquariums are so much better than zoos. not as depressing coz fish are fish. was a little bit when i saw a sea turtle just cutting laps. i'm majorly scared of sharks and seeing these ones are kinda scary but not really. i wonder if there will ever be a great white in a aquarium, coz there's ones now with whale sharks and they are huge. i'd def pay money to see a great white in a tank, it would scare the shit out of me. this was another fun day, me on my own, walking my pace listening to music with the fish, thinking i was ariel. where's my eric though

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