Wednesday, December 14, 2011

dem bones

 sting ray
 human bones or sumthing
 these are all little birds
 owls are everywhere!
 probably the worst window display to ever exist
 elephant/giant bird from madagascar
 water dinosaurs fossils

 GIANT sloth, like 2-3 meters high
 ugliest bird ever, never want to meet it
 another huge animal, their in ice age
 first primate or mammal fossil

the natural history museum, i loved spending a afternoon there. i only got through half of it, and it was the boring half. this bit was cool though. seeing more taxidermist animals, even if they were birds. ugh i hate big birds, i always used to laugh at ellie back in school coz she hated birds but now i totes gets its. the fossils were pretty cool as well. ever since seeing that doco with david attenborough with the giant elephant bird i cant seem to get away from it. i was amazed by the giant sloth. it was huge! to think that there was animals that big getting round, it's mind boggling, and us humans put them to extinction coz they had no other predators. we suck. survival of the fittest, but we should look after these other animals coz theirs the circle of life.

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