Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i'm in LDN still

 love walking the thames
 tourist on!
 hiya queen


 the lock in camden
 sherlock holme's home

the dames from the great dame
oxford street xmas lights

been doing some touristy things lately, being apart of london. living out east one kinda forgets that we do live in london. all us great damer's get "wow, i'm in london" moments every now and again. i got one last night. they had a building light show with deadmau5 playing, that sort of thing would never happen back home. also just being able to get a bus/tube to famous places like abbey rd. felt bizarre being there. didn't do the crossing as there were heaps of tourist there and the cars were getting pretty piss'd (i totes wouldnt drive down there if there was another way) also going to 221b baker street was fun as i have been reading sherlock holmes. need to find some more touristy things to do. havent even scratched the surface of LDN

all hallows eve

making drinks- prom queen n dead girl
Harry Potter's is da house

fark the bus

the dead prom queen had no king

dracula fixing for blood

angus/ disgust 

zombie is the new vampire

bloodzzzz 4 life

Vampires, witches, ghouls and more...
This is one Halloween party you will die for!

Werewolves howl by the moon's pale light,
Vampires will steal into the night,
Witches are brewing their evil spells
and evil lurks where mere mortals dwell.

Hell raising starts at 7,
That’s straight down from heaven
Be ready to Howl and party all night
And give our new neighbors a hell of a fright

Bring your own booze,
or you're hands you will lose.
Don on some threads for the season,
If you miss this bash, 'tis an act of treason.

So let's hope you can make it,
Bring your friends if they can take it!

it was a really fun night even if there was just the usual suspects plus a couple of other blow ins. we all looks great which all that matters really. it kinda sucks though as we were missing 2 house mates and was suppose to be our first party all together but there will and has been many more. it was fun with us girls plus mayo playing a few drinking games before everyone came over.