Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1st roast

i lost

we had a little family dinner to say good bye to hil n ben. it was my fav meal of roast lamb n "all the trimmings" apart from york puds coz they is hard as shit to make. every one had to bring a dish. mine roast potatoes. the roast was done on mr webber and had a beautiful smokey taste. mmm mm mmmmm. we also had 2 deserts, flour less chocolate cake and banoffee pie. all in all my 1st roast even if it wasnt on sunday was great. i still havent had a sunday roast, its killing me

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

whoa krakatoa

London is really different this time. Maybe its just me. i think it could also be the weather. Hopefully it's just a passing thing and i get my ldn groove back. This girl above is great though n helping me too much. hearts her!

Monday, August 29, 2011


such good food and really beautiful. i never knew how much i loved the ocean till i wasnt close to it every day back in london. as soon as i put my blistered feet in the ocean they started to heal. the next day my 7 blisters were almost gone. from then on we called it miracle water and needed daily doses of it. we arrived in mykonos then went to ios 2 santorini 2 naxos 2 corfu. cant choose a fav coz they were all different experiences. we partied then detoxed and then partied again. leaving each island was sad and a little nightmarish. i'm not traveling on a ferry anytime soon.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Disney men

.....oh every girl loves disney men. the artist is David Kawen. i love his other stuff too, you should look him up. disney is just amazing. i'm collecting all the classic Disney cartoon movies, i have sleeping beauty, the three caballeros and fantasia so far. i know its not heaps but i'm getting there plus they're farking expensive. it's just childhood, dreams and hopes in a an hour n a half. my fav little mermaid!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


i love festivals

Left England for Spain, ready for festivals. Just the two, Bilbao and Bennicassim. Hit up Bilbao, small festival of 3 days, with the line up of; Blondie, Kasabian, Crystal Castles, Cold Play, !!!, Jack Johnson just to name a few. Totes go me in the mind set for Benni. 6 nights, 4 of them music filled. The Strokes, The Streets, Plan B, Pendulum, Friendly Fires, Arctic Monkeys, Fake Blood, Tinie Tempah. So many cool bands, so many people to dance with, so many beats, so many sunrises, too many degrees, too far to the beach, too far gone, not enough. I'd go back in a..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

mish mash mixture

Id like to share with you a bit of me. Thoughts, doings and/or influences of me. Usually it's art, photography, fashion, interior design, books, fiction, science, music, pop culture, cult culture, moives, tv, travels, treasure, gold, colours, rainbows, weather, earth, nature, animals, foxes, wants... +more.

Barcelona airport.