Friday, February 24, 2012

topshop 24/7

so finally got a job. been retailing it up at topshop. just like back home. so being round beautiful clothes all day i had to get some. also did a couple of night shifts. that shit cray. staring at 10pm till 6 in the morning. amber jean has also been doing them with me and we are totally out of wack. with some money coming in i decided i should buy a few little things for my self. as above. ps i'm totally going back on my first pay outs of creepers but they've grown on me... ok, and they will be very comfortable on e back coz i be working hard...


went for dinner with a new friend last night. met lizzy at an interview that i had last week. didn't get the job but got the girl instead... well a new friend that's a girl. had vietnamese near old street and phewww-we that shit is good. massive bowl of pho. no one cat eat the whole thing in one sitting and lucky i got the rest of mine to go so i get to enjoy it again. plus i figure its good for a health kick coz i feel a cold coming on. hard not to get it here in the house of sick. every room in da dames theres a sickness lurking.  yuk-o!