Friday, August 26, 2011

the time in barcelona

best salad ive ever had really

 lovely mishha

 oh, sum of the group

breakfast burger + foxy

chinese whispers 

the usual- vodka soda lime with a splash of cranberry

take 5

scrambled egg


barca class of 2011

i cant believe i left this city and now know why g-money worked here for 6 months. if we didn't have G-Money it would have gone differently. lucky for us we did have her. ended up in back alley bars that were grimy, shown the best food spots and no tours needed for these tourist. there was just so much fun to be had and we had it all. we being the massive 15 person family. even though it was a major hassle trying to organize such a big group and my panic attack i think it was the best stop.. so far. 

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