Thursday, December 1, 2011

33 dames rd

kitchen w/ T&A
 front room aka Amber and TC's


 hallway and man cave to the right
best room in da house!(mine) it's always this clean

our house in the middle of ethnic ville. we are like the only whites. def the only australians. we have a offy one door down. super bad for mid evening munchies. i swear he's going to make me fat with chocolate that close. westfield stratford is a 15 min walk away or 2min train. theres a backyard and a man cave. living, kitchen, 1 bathroom and 4 rooms. it's a place where we all can hang up our hats and kick back on our one couch or round the dinner table with our 4 chairs, enjoy the company of each other with a game of cards or listen into our next door neighbour yell and hit her kids. hey at least i have a bed. with the best sheets. ❤

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