Saturday, December 3, 2011

could have but didn't


amber and i could have had almost the best weekend. with fri already locked in as epic, our sat plan was looking pretty top too. a walking tour through east london to check out street art with mon. then dizzy rascal was opening boxpark (tc work) at 1pm. meet up with carly and/or brenden, then probs a bit of afternoon shared plate at casa blue with fish bowls to get the party started. sounds good right, and pretty easy to do. wrong with our scattered brains

first we miss our bus by 30 seconds. we headed out on the 308 bus to spitalfields market, wrong spitalfields. since when was the more than one! all went down hill from there. we bus then over ground then some more over ground and end up in hackney roaming the streets trying to get our selves to the market after we decide, lets get food, dizzy wont come on till later, loads of time. we can see london fields in sight when we find out that tc just met dizzy. totes was pissed at that point. lucky broadway is an amazing market. cheered us up a little. then it was too cold to so headed home but then we stumbled upon this place...

this was a crazy place was half taxidermist, half museum, half gallery, half sexpo all mixed into one jumbled little package. it kinda made up for the missed out day.  i didnt pay the extra £3 so to take as many photo's as you want. i've just been to the zoology museum and then this place. too many animal bones of late- but they are still way cool. here's the site for this horror shop 

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