Thursday, December 8, 2011


just some old photos of my iphone (i miss it dearly)
 my cat spider,
i miss him sew much

 miss my niece cielle
and nephew banjo
 and baby laluna, bet she's way bigger now
 random birds at mt buller. i missed out on the season there last year
mr. jai, miss him too
 ugh do not miss emu's
dont really miss sydney...

didn't realize that all these odd photo's would be stuff i missed or not. just kinda worked out that way. there's loads more things that i miss from back home. family and foods. like duh family of course who wouldn't, but foods?-yes, like normal milo, it's weird over here. BBQ shapes or pizza shapes. tim tams kinda. a good parmy from the pub-yes. i've been craving a barry sweet potato swap the bacon for avo from spudy's. man just thinking about it now has made me hungry for it. food and family. ps sorry to my other nieces Jala and Willow for not having picture of you. i miss you too

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