Tuesday, January 3, 2012

empire roast chicken

our carcass 

i've been dying to make this wonderful roast chicken. as you should know jamie (oliver) is my fav person in the world, so of course i try to cook most of his recipes, buy all of his books and watch his shows. so i brought jamies brittan at tescos for just £9 (which i loved!) and this lovely recipe was in it. 

the story behind this one is if you ask an english person what their 2 favorite meals are, they will answer "roast chicken and indian" boom empire roast chook is born. so tonight i ventured down mixed cultured food lane and cooked up this bad boy. 

OH EM GEE! i'm sew full and seriously satisfied, just saying, but not only me, my family are and that makes me a happy chappy. so thank you jamie, thank you for another epic meal in your and now my repertoire. ps i am sew effing full!

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