Tuesday, January 3, 2012


 banjo, christophe and jai
 cielle is 6
 out my window
 jai and below banjo
 the valley
 glacier argentier, aka the mountains just outside my window
'the family' well the ones i'm with now
so i'm in chamonix spending time with the family and i'm totes enjoying it. between not seeing the family for so long, getting some quality time with them and the kids (which is never boring just straining,) and skiing in the lovely french alps i must say its actually more than enjoying. haven't skied for a while and felt like the biggest kook the first couple of runs but now i'm back it the game! (you knew it) had an epic day up the very top of the grand montet with many fresh turns! so yes. loving. it here atm. early days, early days though. got another 2 weeks! haaa. 

ps more photos to come, just havent been taking any, just living.

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