Tuesday, July 31, 2012


slowly but surely nail art is becoming one of the coolest ways to show off a flare of your own style. with so many new a exciting way to accessorize your nails there are a few big names coming out of this awesome movement. here in london its all about wah nails. with a few salons and a team up with topshop the girls at wah and founder Sharmadean Reid have been turning some big heads and even went and made an awesome book. i'm going to try and save up some pennies so just before i leave london i can get my self some wicked nails to show off back home.
 just a few styles they have at wah

wah's famous leopard and fade nails

the new bible

i had to get my hands onto the book as i try and dabble a little bit in the art form but i'm defs a novice. there are so many polish that i left at home that are patiently waiting for my return. here are some of my own attempts that i've captured on camera.
 the crack

 the stickers
 all of the colours

another name that's pushing the limits and proving if you can think of it, it can go on your nails is the japanese salon of disco nails. these are my favorite coz the detail that they get on the nails is amazing and if i ever find myself in shibuya i'm heading straight there for a mani!

heres a quick clip
enjoy and get painting!

and now for some really cool nail art courtesy of the internet

 rainbow fish!

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