Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a good old fashioned street party

 i'm holding my amazing pulled pork sanga
 the lemonade was of the chain
 jamie's instagram photo aka he was there!
every one knows that i love jamie oliver and he is my number one person is the world that i would love to meet. so when i found out that there was a street party for the 10 year anniversary of his restaurant fifteen, i was there, and so was amber and millie! it was just a small little street party with amazing food stalls and some pretty epic drinks and good music blaring. our rum and lemonade was unexpectedly impressive as i'm not much of a homemade lemonade fan. we were spoiled for choice when it came to the food but i decided on a pulled pork roll from the barbecoa (jamie and adam perry lang's bbq restaurant) stall. not a wise choice as i was wearing a white shirt so i looked like a complete idiot when i was eating it, trying so hard not to get any one me. i failed. i was just happy to be in the same vicinity as the great jamie o and think i would have squealed if i had seen him!! after checking out the menu i defs want to go back and have a proper meal at fifteen.

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