Monday, July 9, 2012


i am so excited to see the dark knight rises. christopher nolan has done such a great job with these movies. oh i just love batman, it was my first word. i think christian bale does the best batman voice. they way that it is set very realistically, well more than the last batman movies that were styled very theatrically which worked but these ones are just more believable. the cinematography that nolan used is beautiful and cold. oh em gee tom hardy is so amazingly hot and its such a shame that his perfect face is covered up as bane. still get to see his amazing bod though. i'm not to sure about anne hathaway as cat woman though. she kinda annoys me, we'll see. so yes super dooper excited and guess what? i will be standing in leicester square, rain, hail or shine this wednesday for the premier! eek! tom better be there and christian and chris, oh everyone should be there!

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