Saturday, July 28, 2012

rewind to the 80's

 booze and good tunes!
wellies work, check
 so lush!
so i worked my very first hospitality job the other last weekend, a crazy 80's festival in perth scotland. got up thursday and seeing we didn't have to work till the next day after our training we went and had some fun on the rides whilst getting to know every one a bit better by consuming alcohol. work was really easy and super fun. lucky us 3 girls were together in the cocktail tent. we ran a little bit of a muck and had a complete ball! it was a great crowd of oldies rocking out like they used too, from funny costumes to ordering 24 beers. the scottish accent was hard to follow and i found my self thinking numerous of times "was that english?" yet the banter with the customers was what kept me going through the 14 hour days, it defiantly wasn't the music as in our tent. we had a cover band that played the same set list both nights and also turned into karaoke at 10pm. it was a great weekend and a nice intro to the people i might be working with over the next couple of months. 
photo's care of amber jean foster

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