Friday, July 13, 2012

reality england

 the originals 
MTVs very own lads and lasses
geordie shore
 the rich and beautiful
made in chelsea

 i am a total sucker for reality tv and i love the brits. i first got hooked on the only way is essex (TOWIE) back home, doin my homework for when i came over here. learning that you greet people with a simple 'alright?' and what a vajazzel was. then moved on to the english version of the hills with made in chelsea, where its about 20 somethings that are mega loaded, beautiful and sleep with each other. very entertaining! and finally i've got onto the brits jersey shore aka geordie shore. same premise as the original mtv jersey, 4 lads that are hornier than a rhinos face and 4 lasses that are fake tan, lashes and nails. in my defense i need to watch these so that i fit in and don't look like a right mug.

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