Tuesday, July 17, 2012



yes, i read it. i thought i'd better give it a try and see what the hype was all about. the thing is i'm in two minds, i liked it but then also didn't like it. take it on its face value, that it's  E L James' fan fiction of twilight, then i get it and that's kinda what i didn't like about it. it was too much bella and edwards characters in the real world, where we're human and act on our animal urges to rip each others clothes off, oh a throw in some bdms to spice it up a little. so this is a total contradiction to that last comment but i liked it because it was that story of twilight, a man that has everything from money to looks, that always has control, who falls head over heels for the girl that usually goes unnoticed and totally shakes up his/her world. well i couldn't put it down and caught myself day dreaming about mr. christian grey every now and then. i must admit i did get sick of the repetition of phrases, and the writing was a bit poor, but i needed to know what was going to happen next even though it was fairly predictable.

with the book being such a big success, of course they are going to make a movie. so the big question is now who is going to get the role of mr. grey and also miss steele. here are my suggestions:

alexander skarsgård was obviously was born for the role of mr grey. if he doesn't get the role, the actor who does play him is second best. and second best in my eyes is mr. henry cavil, the new superman. both look mouthwatering good in suits and have those amazing grey/blue eyes. my fingers are crossed for alex, and to seeing him domineer the role.


anastasia steele for me is a little harder, but i think either amanda seyfried or jennifer lawrence would do an excellent job as they are doing so well with their careers and have that certain goofiness and awkwardness that ana has. the rumor mill has come up with some crazy, way too young, not that great of an actress, but neither of these two has come on the radar. i think it would be unfair to put kristen stewart in there as she's already bella, but i know she would nail it coz it is bella.
so yes hollywood producers those are your options, choose wisely!

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