Friday, July 13, 2012

yoko ono

yest-dee went for a littel stroll through kensington gardens and found my self at the serpentine gallery. i already knew that yoko ono had a little show on there so thought i'd check it out. i must admit i don't know much of the love of john lennons life or her art work but i was surprised at how thought provoking her stuff is. a lot of it is interactive and invites the audience to join in. my fav was the picture above. she encourages people to write a wish on a white swing tag and then tie that to one of the five trees. i'm not telling you my wish coz then it won't come true but i will tell you there was a lot of people wishing for world peace. another interactive one was this video. there were two mac photo-booth style cameras set up and all you had to do was take a picture of yourself smiling. mine was blurry but i liked it like that coz i'm all artsy and shit! i enjoyed it so thanks yoko! oh ps she totally tweeted me one day!

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