Monday, August 6, 2012

church on sunday

only place to go on a sunday, and that's church, a pub in clapham junction. dress attire is costume, any theme one can think of, so we dressed up as geeks and we looked awesome! i just re used my harry potter outfit and added the geek essentials, suspenders and freckles. we totes looked the best, the girl's with our matching bum bags and the boys n their hats. there were other geeks there but none as good of our class.

it defs wasn't what i expected but had heaps of fun. we started early having some rosé with our breaky. after church we headed over to the walkabout in she bu and kept on drinking. every one spewed apart from millie. liv mayo and i headed home via maccas and got back around 10, it's nice to get home early. all in all a very fun sunday sesh, next weekend we are going to do the monopoly pub crawl! here are some more photos care of the walkabout photographer

 loz with randoms!

 my photo with randoms

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