Wednesday, September 12, 2012


i'm sure you've seen bondi hipsters by now, and if you haven't are you living with no wifi connection? so you must know christian van vuuren aka dom. well you must check out these new youtube clips from him and his bro. i even think it's a movie now that showed at cinefest. it's not hard to see that christian was pretty effected by his times in quarantine for tb from SICK, it is almost autobiographic with a nice little moral message for this 'day and age'. i'm sure its not the last thing we'll see from the van vuuren brothers and i'm just hopping that there will be more of christian coz i've now got a major crush on him! total babe-check, musically talented-check, volunteers and trying to make the world a better place-check!!!! so yes type in SICK! - Part 1 into youtube. vid below is very interesting. 

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