Sunday, September 9, 2012


first day girls n i went to the flower market while the boys chilled out at mellow yellow. a place us girls didn't find very mellow as the guy behind the bar was a total douche!
 we had fun amongst the flowers though!
 see fun times! i was so content to walk around and check out the cool houses, day dream about mine if i was to live there!
 and being girls we just had to have a quick look at the shops
 i got an awesome top from monki, defs online shopping as it was the best shop we went into. afters we headed back to meet the guys at the bulldog just round the corner from our hostel, which ended up being our kinda hang
 so we hung here, got blazed and danced and drank and got happy happy happy!
 the dj was funny and kept getting on the mike half way through a song just pointing out people that worked there... he thought he was hilarious
 and the bitch who looks after the toilets wouldn't let you use them without paying the 50c.
 but we had heaps of laughs, marty even joined us for a sneaky visit!
 it was the perf 2nd innings for us, we did have a early lunch just down the road which was 1st innings.
so our group was; amber & todd, lozzy & behma, mayo & liv, val, haighy, dappa, millie, marty and myself.
 a big group but it worked coz us girls could split from the boys. it just got annoying in the mornings with one shower between us all.
 after the bulldog us girls went to mexicano and the boys had all you could eat ribs but the restaurants were opposite each other so we could still shout out and see each other.
 the girls were having so much fun as behm pointed out to us, and we totes were! drinking these amazing strawberry daiquiris. the boys demolished 3 plates of ribs apart from the animal todd cousins had 4!
 amsterdam knows its food and drink! everything we had tasted scrumptious, i don't think i had one bad thing.
 all full we were ready for a night on the town and had ourselves a little bit of a pub crawl down near the red light district.
 it was a epic night that included shots, dancing, would you rather, jozzas, drinks, more dancing, marty sleeping, more jozzas and shots!
day two; my plan for sunday was to head to the park and get all shroomy.
 so after breaky and a little shop around where we found the perf muchies supermarket/deli. it was probs the coolest shop we went into. it was only small but the selections and sections were crazy cool
 some went and had a little nap and chill out, some went and watch the football, millie todd and i went to the truffle store. 
 the guy behind the counter was a tripper but very helpful. gave us all the info we needed and also a lecture about australian's music and government...
 so all set to go stocked up with the laughing truffles, space cake for lozzy, ambs and olive we made our way to the park, vondelpark that is!
it was just another short walk from our hostel. (good work mayo and millie on the choice hostel)
 found the right little patch for our little group and the fun began.
 there were so many different times were we'd all be laughing but at different things. mayo kept laughing at lozzy, haighy couldn't stop laughing at amber and todd was cracking me up.
 it was a magical time, watching the people go by on their bikes, roller skates or skateboards. people watching in amsterdam is endless fun!
 the sunset gave us a wicked show as well. the colours were like i'd never seen but i think that was more to do with the truffles.
 after getting a little restless i wanted to go explore and we did. the park was kinda true blood looking it was spooky but not in a scary way.
 heading out of the park was when i think it all hit us, walking and changing the surroundings. i got to todd's level as he was the most fucked up.
once back in the real world of the city we had to find somewhere to eat dinner. lucky for us our street was restaurant packed.
 we got hustled a bit but worked for us coz there was everything on the menu.
 only thing was there was no table outside big enough for us, but no problem the waiter walked us through the restaurant, past the kitchen, through another restaurant out to the other side to the parallel street to a table big enough outside. tripped us all out!
 dinner amazing yet again, mayo and vel had ribs again but liv, amber and i had mexican again! plus the drinks we to die for! my tequila sunrise was a tasty tasty number!
 haighy was the funniest there, he was busting for the toilet and asked us where it was. so i told him, and he just sat there. we were all laughing as he asked us 5-8 times, 'no seriously where are the toliets?' inside and up the stairs! he still didn't go and then 20 mins later amber asked if he needed to go and he answers 'yeah i'm busting!' oh had me in stitches! finally he got the waitress to take him.
after chilling and what not, we headed back but after todd shorted out some shit, him millie and i went to the bulldog and had some more fun!
 saw a crazy guy doin pull ups and head butting a ball on a lamp outside, kinda creep'd millie and i out!
 more awesome drinks. one round i got a piƱa colada, millie got sex on the beach and todd a mojito. the bar tender made love to our drinks. we were all arguing that our was the best, and after a sip from each others we were still very adamant that our own was the best.
 music was pumping, jozzas was blazing, all laughing our heads off. but hunger kicked in so headed to bk!
 after a burger we needed desert but found after we walked around the corner that the shop wasn't open so we stopped at maccas, forgetting that todd's a child and not watching him, he ended up getting another 2 burgers!!!!
 after having our filling of food we headed home, where todd passed out and millie and i got the giggles in the bathroom just before climbing into bed.
 woke up to say goodbye to todd & amber who had to leave for the mega bus at 6 in da morning
 day three started with a slow start of finding some where to eat breakky.
 after walking around for like ever we finally found a place, that i wish looking back never found!
 after waiting like an hour for our food mine doesn't come out! lucky it was pretty tasty but not that tasty. i guess everyone just runs on a slower clock in amsterdam.
 plans for the day was to see the i amsterdam sign and check out the van gogh museum. plus have some waffles.
so we said goodbye to vel and haighy, (probs never to see them again) and we hit up tourist valley
where we all did a little bit of last shopping for any gifts and souvenirs.
i'm so happy with what i got (key ring, fridge magnets, 3d fox postcard) and i believe every one else found the perfect gifts and souvenirs too.

 we walked round, got a little lost but found the i amsterdam sign in the end, and it was just down the street from our hostel!
  lucky for us there was a waffle place close by too! 
 as we only had an hour to kill we headed back to the bulldog
 and gave van gogh a miss this time.
 so one last jozz which i brought pre made and it was flawless. such a thing of beauty-hahaha
 4;30 crept up on us and we had to make our way home, boo!
 well only millie, mayo, liv and i had to make our way home. lozz behm and dappa still had time to kill.
 silly us didn't print off our boarding passes so we had to line up in the massive line for check-in
 after kinda freaking out a little and finding the right line we got the last call for london stansted and jumped the queue.
after that we ran and very lucky that we did coz we just got the the gate as it was closing!
getting home after that mind blowing weekend was very very surreal.
 hands down the best weekend that i've had this year, maybe even my life. so many laughs, rad company, prime food, epic drinks and all the above!
amsterdam i love you and i'll defs be seeing you in the future!!!
 (the sex in a glass cocktails plus a very perfect jozz)

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