Saturday, September 22, 2012

Harry Potter World

this day was and is in my top ten things that i've done overseas, maybe even top 5. actually thinking about it top 3! set off with a bit of a late start but once there we were so excited that i think i might have pee'd a little. not going to lie i did get emotional when they showed a short film about behind the scenes. the screen went up to reveal the doors to the great hall and the tour began! 
 the real cupboard under the stairs

 holy moley so cool
 cedric diggory's costume

 love you dumbledore
 a collection of gryffindor's costumes

 yule ball time
 really want ice cream with ice magic now

 hello harry's bed

 fact; the pictue of the woman standing is a young prof. mc.gonagall

 peace up!

 all the cool props

 head masters office, the coolest one in existence
 mixing potions
 snape snape snape

 oh the burrow

 they mean every flavor!
 i promise i'm up to no good
 admit we all wanted a letter like this to come in the mail for you

knock knock, no one was home
 cheers knight bus
 butter beer
(ps was gross)
 millie loved it though
 oh liv

 eek some monsters
 coolest bit of the whole tour
 diagon alley!

 massive model of the whole hogwarts

 this was really cool, at the end of the tour, this room of wands had all the names of the people that worked on the films
oh sad face as its the end!

like all good touristy place you have to walk through the gift shop to get out to get all the suckers to buy things and yes i'm defs a sucker for memorabilia so i ended up getting a chocolate frog (its huge!) and a deathly hallows key ring. also we got our photo's taken when we went in the flying blue car the girls got that one. i got my broom stick flying over hogwarts one, which now become a family heirloom. 

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