Sunday, September 25, 2011

late. spain

park madrid 

so lovely to feel green grass

shadow people



massive spanish flag

can you see the unicorn?

getting the perfect shot


little market we stumbled across

it'd be a market id go and get everything from

every day head there for something

apart from these oysters

and these olives

royal palace

posing in the gradens

the real madrid. real 'different' compared to the times we had in barcelona. going from a 12 person family to our 3 man wolf pack was a big change but also not knowing anything about madrid too. did a museum, did the park and the palace. also went to out to taledo for a day trip. not much else apart from seeing harry potter deathly hallows part two. balled my eyes out the whole time. spain was finished as we flew out to greece.  

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