Sunday, September 25, 2011

late. italy

tourist statue


 crouching person-ashed to death

Vatican city

massive pine cone

 looks 3d but its not

blue is worth more than gold



st. peters

listen in 

trusty havaianas



best meal- who made it? me and g-money!

cutest puppy luka

house in Tuscany we chilled at? 

cinque terra 


sweaty from the massive walk in the hot sun

leaning the italian way 


last pizza in italy. twas a good one
so it was a while ago. its really true that they have the best food. my first meal was a-maze-ing! and from there on it just got better. had pizza in its home town napoli. headed down south for a night on the coast of santorini. the next day we headed up to rome with a massive hangover. rome can not bee seen in a day but by night its beautiful. we walked round and saw a few of the sights. had to do the usual vatican city and the colosseum. both a must do. needing to get to florence for our accommodation we rushed and sweated our way on to the train. had on of those nights that come out of no where. lets just say we got lost twice, ended up hitching a ride from a famous french artist, thanks to a girl asking for a lighter but also getting another car to help us find our hostel. worth it though. spent a day in florence. so pretty but also so hot (italy was just a sweaty hot sun box.) amazed by piazza del duomo but i forgot to take my camera so no pics. did get it out in venice though. strolling around getting lost was fun till the sun got nice and high, then the heat was just too much even by the water. it wasnt all smelly even though id been told it would. i had to say good bye to g-money and to italy. italy done all in a just over a week.

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