Tuesday, September 6, 2011

dinner party guest

question: if you could invite 5 people that have lived or are living in the world, any 5 people to a dinner party that you'd be throwing, who would they be?

answer: these lovely men.

i dont have to explain this choice, hes pretty much the coolest person ever with a wide knowledge and love for animals with the best voice to listen to.

the bubles can come for his voice too but also for his charm, seen interviews and seems like a down to earth fun kinda guy.
not only is he have an amazing imagination that thought up all those great children's books but roald had a very interesting life, read a couple of his autobiographies and they were awesome and i hate autobiographies.

look at those abbs... and pecks... enough said... plus it would be this era of marky mark that would come

finally but defiantly not least. id love to show him my mad cooking skills plus he never gets to not cook, this appreciation would then turn into a beautiful friendship and we'd be best friends forever. just friends though, im not a home wrecker.

it has taken me a while to perfect this list and i'm very satisfied with it. now i can add a further 5 to make it a dinner for 11(me included) but im not up to the new 5 perfection yet. some are concrete but i need a set of 5 to be absolutely sure. also if you have a good 5 you can join dinner but only if its good

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