Tuesday, June 19, 2012

week with papa

i've just had one amazing week with my dad!!! each day during the week i'd meet up with him in the city as i'd just started a new job on monday. we would then do a bit of shopping for me, hey i needed new office clothes as mine were not office worthy.


then after all the shopping we'd hit up a show! saw jersey boys on wednesday night and i enjoyed it. amazing voices and i new a lot of their songs, not realizing they were theirs. got a little bit of rock n roll history lessons. then on friday night we saw les mis, and let me tell you it was miserable. i just couldn't handle that they sung through they entire show and the music wasn't catchy or moving.

each night with him i had amazing food! had some of the best sushi that i've ever eaten. and a few steaks to get my red meat count up. back to baked beans and toast. all in all an amazing week. more of saturday, where we went to brighton laters.

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