Sunday, June 24, 2012

hackney weekend

 smoking hot
 212 went off!
 didn't disappoint
had to rock outside the tent coz there were to many people inside
say my name and rude boy back to back aka my fav songs
only got to see the end but such an amazing voice
played some new music which was nice and refreshing 
 today was one of the best days i've had. went to bbc1 hackney weekend this sunday aka last night and let me tell you it was a maze balls!!!! amber todd and i headed out from the dames and the adventure began. we had already polished of a couple of liters of cider plus some sneaky vodys before lining up. first music was into the dj tent, while amber and i rocked out to some heavy beat todd waited outside to meet up with his work mate shelly. then some jessie j, followed buy some azealia. florence, lana (who touched my hand by the way!!) david guetta, chase and status. so many people for free. and then head lining was rihanna, started out alright but then blew my dick off when jay z came out!!! oh i could die now a very happy happy girl. puts such a nice turn around to my friday.  photos to come. i had a disposable camera but amber took loads so watch this space. 


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