Tuesday, March 6, 2012


 !!!!!!!liv's first snow!!!!!!!
 just at the beginning
 ron dog
 old mushroom game
 kings thumb master
foxy what are you doing in liv's drink?

 new vixen snow
 find liv
 raging coz theres snow

 heaps of snow!!!
 mayo just wanting attention
 grinding up on her #1
 and #4 whilst liv tries to get inside
 cute ♥
liv went to bed
piano man

friday night and it starts to snow! the excitement for me wasn't really there as i had just been in the french alps but i was super excited to see liv's reaction as it was her first ever time seeing snow! we were outside when it first started to snow just iddy biddy little snow flakes and it just kept coming. each time we looked outside there was more. had about 5 snow ball fights that got more rough as the night went on. we stayed in and played drinking games like kings and mushroom. such a fun little night when the snow came. unfortunately todd and amber were down south at brighton. boo hisssssssss

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