Tuesday, March 6, 2012

looking back at jan

 samala on her car, whats on top fell in a night

 dad shoveling before passing the shovel on to me
 rachel the russian
 cielle and baby
 banjo enjoying the snow
 cielle and banjo and i's snow man family
 mid shovel
 the river and view from our house
 the house
 only 2 and already on skis
 the church
 the top, altitude make you silly
 samala's birthday!

being all artsy

these photo's are long over due but i just havent been in the mood to blog. i had such a lovely fantastic time in cham for january. spending time with the family was really really nice. being around the kids was never boring, getting up the mountain to ski with dad and rach was calming but fun and then samala and my key royals (dont know if that's the correct spelling) and staying up watching movies with christophe. it was a really good start to the year.

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